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Copenhagen Light Festival 2018

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Ertu í Kaupmannahöfn í febrúar? Láttu þá ljósahátíðina CPH Light Festival ekki framhjá þér fara!

Frændur vorir Danir halda í febrúar ljósahátíðina sína CHP Light Festival. Hátíðin mun standa frá 2.febrúar til 2.mars 2018.

Dagskrá hátíðarinnar má finna í hlekk hér til hliðar og fréttatilkynning frá systurfélagi okkar, Dansk center for lys er á ensku fyrir neðan.

Press release  – January 23th, 2018

Brighter times to come in Copenhagen – at night 

When the Danish Capital gets its first large-scale light festival it will be an opportunity for everyone to experience the city in a new way. Light art and lighting experiences await you in approx. 40 selected places. Citizens and tourists may enjoy them on their own or join guided walks and canal boat tours.
The festival runs from February 2nd until March 2nd. 

Put on the heavy coat and keep your ears warm. It is time to enjoy winter in Copenhagen. Many major cities in the world have light festivals, but in Copenhagen conditions are particularly good: Copenhagen is one of the darkest capitals in the world. It is not only because of the northern location, but also because the city is sparsely lit compared to most other cities. The sensitive Danish approach to illumination extends into street lighting, where „little but good“ is the guiding principle.

„We have created a light festival so to speak on the backdrop of darkness,“ says Catja Thystrup from the Copenhagen Light Festival, continuing: „The idea is definitely not to flood the city in light but to create new impressions in the city through lighting and experiences with light in a sensitive interaction with the city spaces and the February darkness. „

A vast majority of the light festival art pieces are free to experience in the streets, the squares and alongside the harbour. More than one hundred different organizations, lighting artists and designers have made contributions. The City of Copenhagen has also made a significant donation to the festival’s debut.

The festival is from February 2nd to March 2nd , thus coinciding with a number of other events, such as Copenhagen Winter Pride, Frost Festival and Copenhagen Winter Jazz. Also February 2nd, the famous amusement park Tivoli introduces a new three-week winter season with many special light experiences. For this year’s main sponsor – luminaire producer Louis Poulsen – the festival is a truly welcome initiative, which accentuates important elements of Danish lighting culture.

Copenhagen’s Mayor of Culture and Leisure, Niko Grünfeld (Å) is looking forward to the festival:

“Light is life and a symbol of hope. Or as Danish singer Trille put it in the 80s: ‘There is always a little light in the dark, flicking there somewhere, but to be able to see it, you must not be afraid of the dark.’ This still applies today. So, get outside in February and experience Danish culture in winter-dark Copenhagen. Light provides us all with new hope and new perspectives on both the city and each other.”

Regardless if you are a tourist or a Copenhagener, a culturally interested in a broad sense or going out with all the family, Copenhagen Light Festival offers a chance to experience the city in a new way.

The light installations will have many shapes and expressions, and media, some are small and poetic, while others are gigantic of size and expression. During the one-month festival around 40- 50 installations will beautify the city and harbour. Around 25 of these are unique temporary installations visible more than 2 weeks, 10-15 are lasting for 1 or 2 days and a handful is lasting 7- 10 days. An important part of the Copenhagen DNA is the integration of aesthetically and functional light in e.g. buildings and bridges. Around 10 of these will be integrated in the official tours of the festival.

„Denmark has several gifted young artists in this area,“ says Anne Bay, director of Danish Lighting Center. „A couple of years ago, a new and attractive lighting design education was established, and it has already won a prize for its results. The Danish sense of light and the delicate interaction between light, people and surroundings is really an excellent starting point for both light arts and design.“

Facts about the Copenhagen Light Festival 2018 

  • From February the 2nd to March the 2nd 2018
  • Mainly light installations, events and activities in the city free of charge
  • Guided walks and canal boats tours
  • www.copenhagenlightfestival.org 
  • Organized by the non-commercial association Danish Lighting Center

Guided tours 

Every day Strömma Canal Tours Danmark are making live guided canal tours in English and Danish along the light route by the water front. You get to learn more about the artists and their artworks.

Every Friday and Saturday there will be guided walks in English, Danish, or Italian. 

See more on http://copenhagenlightfestival.org/program/glowing-activities/

Contact Information: 

Danish Lighting Center/ Copenhagen Light Festival, Head of Project Catja Thystrup at ct@centerforlys.dk and tel: +45 3123 2656, or director Anne Bay at ab@centerforlys.dk and tel. +45 2261 7434.

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